Experience the three-day online workshop that will transform your service culture from ORDER TAKER to VALUE CREATOR—and amplify product penetration.

3 Essential elements that will be covered in the workshop:

Competent sales training built for your credit union

Employees empowered with the sales mindset, processes and skills needed to sell

Leadership expertise to coach and mentor their sales teams to peak performance


In the workshop we will redefine how to best serve member needs and instill a new perspective on the credit union team member’s role. Your team will have the permission and confidence to better serve members’ needs. 

Tools:  The Credit Union Sales Mindset & The SURPASS Sales Process

Employees will learn how to quickly engage members in value-adding sales discussions. More members will receive products and services that fit their needs. Product penetration deepens for the credit union.

Tools: Relationship Mapping & The Simple Offer Conversation Approach

Get started right away using an effective and proven training program created by an expert with 20+ years of credit union sales experience. Your team will quickly become experts by learning to sell products with approaches that work.

Tools: Online access to the workshop & SalesCU Online Training Program

The Credit Union Sales Intensive is designed to provide the essential sales mindset, processes, and skills for all member-facing employees at your credit union. Send all of your sales leadership team and trainers to gain the tools necessary to build and support a sales program internally that will move the entire organization forward and create more value for your members.  

Tools: Transformational Leadership Training & SalesCU Coaching Calls

At SalesCU we understand that continued support and learning will be required  to build a sales program after the Intensive Workshop. You can get access to the SalesCU Online Sales Training Courses and follow-up coaching calls to assist with the unique questions, challenges, and needs of your credit union.

Tools: 4 step Coaching Formula, Online courses (add-on) & SalesCU coaching calls (add-on)


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Matt Smith
Branch Manager, GPO Federal Credit Union
{The training was great. I think it was the best leadership training that I have gone through so far and Nick was awesome. Great job!{
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Manager of Business Development & Financial Education
{The Credit Union Sales Intensive Workshop got rave reviews from our staff, including one of our stubborn ones who was convinced she wasn't going to like it.{
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Terry Zitkovich
Chief Lending Officer, LincOne FCU
{Our staff felt Great about the SalesCU training program.  The SURPASS 7 step process is something we will be implementing and using with our ongoing internal sales training and practices.  It really helps to cement for our staff the necessity to create a positive member experience when offering and selling our products and services.  We felt that our staff came out of the training with a renewed and deeper understanding of how to engage the members in the process.  In doing this we are able to identify where there is a need and use that understanding as a guide to get the right products and services to our members.{
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Kelsey Jackson
Training Specialist
{This training has made me look at training/coaching in positive way. I'm so excited to execute the knowledge I've gained from this workshop and apply it to my team.{
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Stacy J.
Loan Officer
{The Intensive Workshop gave me better ideas about how to start a conversation about what could be beneficial to the member and feel more comfortable in my knowledge of our products and services.{
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Stephanie D.
Learning and Development Manager
{This workshop will enable me to help train the sales coaches in the credit union to be effective coaches.{
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Amanda D.
Platform Rep
{This class was very helpful. I enjoyed every area covered and am using what I have learned in my member interactions. This also helps me look deeper to discover how to take sales opportunities that will benefit our members. This class was positive and encouraging.{
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Kelsey Jackson
Retail Learning and Development Specialist
{This training has made me look at training and coaching in positive way. I'm so excited to execute the knowledge I've gained from this workshop and apply it to my team.{
mystery person
Morgan W
{The Credit Union Sales Intensive Workshop was very engaging. Even though it was virtual I still felt it was very hands on. Thank you for a great 3 days of training and some wonderful tips and tricks.{
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Kathryn Dame
VP-Branch Administration, Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union
{Our Member Experience management team truly enjoyed the 3-day intensive Sales and Leadership workshop facilitated by SalesCU. The rest of the team has reported that the online sales courses are great, too.  The workshop and online courses align perfectly with our credit union’s mission of “helping members make smart financial choices.”  The team is already more confident in educating the members about our products and services and helping them achieve their financial goals.{

Workshop Outline:

Day One: Sales Foundation
On day one we will learn the foundational principles of selling to credit union members and the credit union philosophy. We will build clarity on the essential elements of a successful and consistent sales approach. This includes the sales mindset, processes, and skills necessary for selling in a natural and member-centric way.
Learning objectives:
  • Identify member needs and how to have a conversation
  • Uncover needs and motivations by asking questions
  • Align products and service to meet member needs
  • Gain proper and effective commitments
Day Two: Advanced Sales Skills
On day two, attendees will learn what it takes to sell the full product line and craft primary financial relationships with their members. Attendees will also discover how to use foundational sales principles and how to apply them to advanced sales opportunities.
Learning objectives:
  • Manage sales objections
  • Effective member interviews
  • Cross-selling core products and services
  • Up-selling ancillary products and services 
  • Loan recapture
Day Three: Transformational Leadership 
The final day of the Credit Union Sales Intensive is designed with the sales leader or coach in mind. Leaders will learn how to identify employee coaching needs, develop an individual development plan to address them, and how to coach using one of three coaching models. Additionally, leaders will learn about the three coaching opportunities and how they should be used to continuously develop their teams. Those three coaching opportunities are:
1. Shadowing
2. Debriefing
3. One-on-one

The content will include products and services that credit unions offer, scenarios, and examples that employees can relate to and information to assist credit union employees with targeting sales opportunities.

Assuming the credit union sends three employees for a total investment of $2,097 the credit union only needs to increase sales in ONE of these categories:

  • 13 additional checking accounts

  • $180,000 more in deposits

  • $90,000 more in recaptured loans

  • 17 additional assurance products

  • 12 additional active credit cards

It’s expected each attendee will sell each of the above TWICE in the first year, returning 30x the investment.

What you get with your intensive registration:

  • Access to 2-day or 3-day workshop
  • Follow up coaching emails
  • Physical workbook(s)
  • SURPASS Training card

League Bonuses:

  • 6-month access to 14 SalesCU Online Courses
  • 6-month access to the SalesCU Membership Community

2-Day Frontline Pricing: $699   $474

3-Day  Leadership Pricing: $999 $699

Meet your trainer:

Nick Brown

President and CEO of SalesCU

23+ years of credit union sales and leadership experience


Only 35 seats available per event. Hosted virtually through Zoom Meetings.

 Feb 13-15, 2024

10:30 am - 3:00 pm (CT)

Registration closes 2/2/24

Mar 12-14, 2024

10:30 am - 3:00 pm (CT)

Registration closes 3/1/24

Apr 9-11, 2024

10:30 am - 3:00 pm (CT)

Registration closes 3/29/24

May 14-16, 2024

10:30 am - 3:00 pm (CT)

Registration closes 5/3/24

Aug 27-29, 2024

10:30 am - 3:00 pm (CT)

Registration closes 8/16/24

Sep 10-12, 2024

10:30 am - 3:00 pm (CT)

Registration closes 8/30/24

Oct 1-3, 2024

10:30 am - 3:00 pm (CT)

Registration closes 9/20/24