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Sue Beaubien
Vice President – Retail Services, Bellwether Community Credit Union
{Thank you so much for the two years of sales support you’ve provided our team and sales culture.  From the initial training program, and tailored sales manager sessions, the approach was non-threatening and created room for salespeople to make small changes, which resulted in incremental improvements to their sales success.  With those successes came confidence to ask more questions and learn more about each member and their financial goals.  We now see and hear our seasoned sales staff and leaders teaching new teammates how to apply SalesCU principles in their everyday interactions with members and using your guides when planning their team meetings.  These are now practices, and no longer a project.  We so appreciate your commitment to our growth and will recommend your program to our CU colleagues.
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Ken Boteler
Chief Human Resources Officer, Highmark Credit Union

Outstanding program! Easy to follow and use. Nick is an excellent trainer to work with and is always available to help and answer questions. Highly recommend this program!

Prior to utilizing SalesCU our recapture loans was very low. After getting our employees trained utilizing the techniques from SalesCU we launched an internal promotion campaign for recaptured loans. We set a goal of $4 million dollars to be reached in 60 days. At the end of the 60 days; our team achieved an impressive $7 million dollars in recaptured loans!

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Tony Pannone
Chief Information Officer, Highmark Credit Union
{We have seen more results with SalesCU than with any other program we have brought in.
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Sr. Branch Manager

I have had sales training in the past but nothing like this. Nick made selling so easy and natural, really anyone can do it. This sales system is the easiest to implement I have ever received.

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Brittany Anderson
VP of Marketing and Business Development, American United Federal Credit Union

The first month after Nick trained our branch sales staff was great, the next month was exceptional.  Every month since then has just gotten better and better.  This past month was the best sales month we have ever had.

Matthew Benidt
Vice President of Retail Banking, SafeAmerica Credit Union

I had the opportunity to engage SalesCU as we looked to provide accelerated training and coaching to high-potential individuals on our team preparing for future leadership roles. The SalesCU platform is easy to navigate, contains comprehensive and engaging course content and they’ve developed numerous learning programs and roadmaps to guide and support individual learner development. Our team was so impressed with the content and delivery, we elected to add additional live 1:1 coaching and support.


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