The SalesCU Team

Julie Brown, CAO

Tasha Sylvester, Marketing Manager

Ashley Meyer, Administrative Assistant

Meet our trainer

Nick Brown, Senior Trainer, President & CEO

SalesCU(TM) was initially established in 2015 as Nick Brown Consulting. Nick Brown, the founder, became passionate about credit unions early on in his career working as a teller, trainer, and at an outbound call center. He spent the next 3 years on the phone perfecting his sales approach and proved to the credit union that sales are easy when you understand your member’s needs.

Eventually promoted to the manager and director of the outbound call center, Nick spent 6 years creating an amazing amount of success, with his processes being benchmarked for their outbound sales projections in their CEO Strategies program.


Once published, he started receiving requests from many credit unions on how to implement his strategies for their outbound teams. The SalesCU(TM) was born.

Today The SalesCU is being implemented in dozens of credit unions nationwide to help them serve their members needs at a higher level through sales. Credit unions are the future of financial services but there is so much opportunity missed each day due to lack of sales focus and strategy. The SalesCU is the solution that credit unions need to become consumer’s first choice for their saving, checking, lending, insurance, business and investment needs.

Our hope is that you will join us and allow The SalesCU to come to your credit union and train your member services team to capture the opportunities your members present every day. Because, if you are not selling to your members you are not truly serving their financial needs.  

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