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What is the SalesCU Success Kickoff Workshop?

The SalesCU Kickoff is an onsite training that kicks of the SalesCU training program. This workshop will not only help your employees see the vision of service based sales but also understand the simple SURPASS process to remember the steps in how to properly help your members. This is a two+ day training helps kick start the program, leading to a shorter learning curve leading to quicker results from the program.

What is the Lender Sales Success Workshop?

The Lender Sales Success Workshop is designed for employees who are trained to open new accounts and loan officers at the credit union. This workshop helps train employees in the member interview, and how to up-sell products and services as they serve the members who come into the credit union. They are also trained on how to get from yes to close with less sales falling though the cracks. Your lenders of the credit union will be empowered to improve their results and feel excited to better serve their members through serviced based sales.

What is the Transactor Sales Success Workshop?

Upgrade the quality of sales and service your branch employees offer through this hands on, real to life sales training that will send your employees back to the branch with some actual skills they can implement right away. This training is designed to deepen member relationships, and increase product penetration all while maintaining the integrity of serving of the member first. Your employees will learn:


  • SURPASS Sales Process
  • How to conduct an effective member interview
  • Cross-selling and Upselling
  • Product Mapping
  • Loan Recapture
  • and much more!
What is the Outbound Call Center Workshop?

This one of a kind training is specifically designed to help credit unions create or make successful an outbound sales department or initiative. Creating a successful outbound sales department in the credit union industry can be tricky, and most fail without proper guidance and training. Nick is able to deliver this highly effective sales training in person, coach and train your employees so that they can immediately find more success in their efforts. You will not find another training program on the market specifically designed for this particular credit union need. This training includes:

  • Leadership strategy sessions
  • Lead source identification and effective implementation
  • In person training for the outbound agents or employees
  • In person call shadowing and one on one coaching
  • Scripts and processes to follow

If your credit union is lacking results, or is planning to create an outbound sales department or initiative, your credit union needs this training. Contact Nick today to discuss the possibilities for your credit union.

We’re a leading provider of training workshops designed specifically for your credit union to help your sales employees start capturing the opportunities your members are providing with every interaction. The training is interactive, fun, and effective. It leaves your employees excited and confident about helping capture the members needs and business for the credit union.

Our holistic training programs result in long-lasting behavior changes and measurable results. In fact, Brittany Anderson, Director of Sales and Marketing at a credit union who implemented our training said, 

“The first month after Nick ( of Credit Union Sales Training) trained our branch sales staff was great, the next month was exceptional.  Every month since then has just gotten better and better.  This past month was the best sales month we have ever had.”

What are credit unions saying about Credit Union Sales Training?

“I have had sales training in the past but nothing like this. Nick made selling so easy and natural, really anyone can do it. This sales system is the easiest to implement I have ever received.”


Sr. Branch Manager