Close the Door and Open the Window

Close the Door and Open the Window

4 Ways Credit Union’s Can Step Up and Capture The Opportunity One of our family’s all-time favorite movies is The Sound of Music. We make it a point every spring, preferably on a cold and rainy day, to curl up and watch the movie together. It’s no wonder that my...

20 Credit Union Sales Myths Debunked Part 2

Recently we published the first ten myths of this “Twenty Credit Union Sales Myths Debunked” series. I received some great reviews of the article along with a few questions. One of those questions was this: “Nick, we have employees who have definitely bought intomany...

20 CU Sales Myths Debunked {Part 1}

As I travel the country to provide training to salespeople and their leaders, I encounter many myths about selling. While some are quite funny and easily cleared up, most of these myths are deeply ingrained in the cultures of the various credit unions and the minds of...

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