Online Curriculum Preview

The following are the introduction videos taken from the actual course created for the lending trained employees at your credit union. There are sister courses that are not included here that are designed specifically for tellers and contact center employees. These videos and descriptions should give you an idea of what is taught in this program. But for a more in-depth understanding, please sign up for a complementary consultation to learn more.

Credit Union Sales Philosophy

What is the Credit Union Sales Philosophy?

Your credit union is a retail sales establishment and has a Sales Philosophy whether strategically created or not.  In this course your team will learn that selling in the credit union way is not pushy or uncomfortable but rather understanding then serving the members true needs.

The SURPASS Sales Process

What is the SURPASS Sales Process?

No sales program is complete without an effective sales process.  In this course your team will learn the 7 step SURPASS Sales Process which will act as a guide to provide an exceptional experience in every member interaction and empower them to sell in a way that is natural and purpose driven.

Communication 101

What is included in the Communication course?

Communication is the key to sales success or failure.  Great salespeople understand the vital role of communication in sales and continually work to improve.  In this course your team will learn how to utilize the 3 elements of communication to create a great first impression and build trust in every sales discussion.

Product Mapping

What is Product Mapping?

Part of sales success for any salesperson is understanding the role of each product or service your credit union offers.  In this course your team will learn the difference between ancillary and core products, and how they fit together to build a primary financial relationship with every member.

Creating the Product Profile

What is Creating the Product Profile?

Your sales team has likely received ‘Product Knowledge Training,’ teaching them about the features and qualifications of each of your products and services.  Unfortunately the training never includes ‘Product Sales Knowledge Training.’  In this course your team will learn how to turn product knowledge into selling strategies.

The Simple Offer

What is the Simple Offer?

Selling become simple when you understand why people buy.  In this course you will learn how to sell using the same process that most everyone uses to buy.  The Simple Offer will walk you through this process and teach you how to start a sales conversation, how to ask great questions which identify needs, how to align features to provide benefits and advantages to your member, and finally how to get commitments from your member to move to the next step. When you finish this course you will have the tools you need to successfully sell your credit unions full product line.

Managing Objections

What is the Managing Objections course?

Sales objections can be difficult, in fact the fear of rejection is the number one reason people don’t sell.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In this course your team will learn how to answer objections before the member even brings them up, and a 5 step process to overcome them when they do.

Aligning Solutions to Member’s Needs
What is Aligning Solutions to the Member's Needs?

This course will cover steps 3 and 4 of the SURPASS Sales Process, Review Options and Solutions and Proceed to Help.  In this course you will learn how to align the best product and service solutions to your members needs, wants and dream.  This includes core products and services such as the best checking account, credit card, and savings product, as well as the best ancillary products and services.  When you complete this course you will understand how to deliver the right product for your members true needs.

Loan Recapture Part One and Two

What is the Loan Recapture course?

One of the biggest opportunities for credit unions are the loans your new and existing members have with other institutions. In this two part course, your team will learn how to identify loan recapture opportunities, calculate payment, interest and term savings, and script a sales discussion.

The Member Interview

What is the Member Interview?

For selling to be effective your sales team must first understand your member’s true needs, what they want to accomplish, and how it helps them get closer to their financial dreams.  In this course your team will learn how to identify true needs and begin to align product options to them.

If-then Commitments

What is If-Then Commitments?

You have successfully cross-sold a new core product to your member, now what?  When your unable to help members keep their commitments, selling is of little value. In this course your team will learn the 4 step If/Then Commitment Process to help them move faster from “Yes” to “Close.”

Onboarding Part One and Two

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is one of the most critical steps in a sales process which salespeople regularly skip. Often they feel it is unnecessary, pointless, and a waste of time.  In this course your team will learn how to properly onboard to create exceptional value in your members lives and make more sales.

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