Experience the three-day online workshop that will transform the way you train employees to sell at your credit union—and amplify product penetration.


In the workshop we will redefine how to best serve member needs and instill a new perspective on the credit union team member’s role. Your team will have the permission and confidence to better serve members’ needs. 

Tools:  The Credit Union Sales Mindset & The SURPASS Sales Process

Employees will learn how to quickly engage members in value-adding sales discussions. More members will receive products and services that fit their needs. Product penetration deepens for the credit union.

Tools: Relationship Mapping & The Simple Offer Conversation Approach

Get started right away using an effective and proven training program created by an expert with 20+ years of credit union sales experience. Your team will quickly become experts by learning to sell products with approaches that work.

Tools: Online access to the workshop & SalesCU Online Training Program

The Credit Union Sales Intensive is designed to provide the essential sales mindset, processes, and skills for all member-facing employees at your credit union. Send all of your sales leadership team and trainers to gain the tools necessary to build and support a sales program internally that will move the entire organization forward and create more value for your members.  

Tools: Transformational Leadership Training & SalesCU Coaching Calls

At SalesCU we understand that continued support and learning will be required  to build a sales program after the Intensive Workshop. You can get access to the SalesCU Online Sales Training Courses and follow-up coaching calls to assist with the unique questions, challenges, and needs of your credit union.

Tools: 4 step Coaching Formula, Online courses (add-on) & SalesCU coaching calls (add-on)


Mike Bishop
Trainer, Jordan Credit Union
{From a training and coaching perspective it was really helpful when trying to work with staff and try and see opportunities and get over their mindset when it comes to selling. We are really setting people up for success using the tools we were given.{
Scott Baker
Consumer Lender Manager, MTC Federal Credit Union
{It may seem simple but most times simple is better. I just think it’s a great way for any organization, especially a credit union who for decades has been trying to shift the service culture to a sales culture. It is something that is great as a stand-alone tool for smaller credit unions and credit unions that don’t have a sales culture and it’s absolutely wonderful as a supplement to any existing credit union program.{
Jill Church
Vice President of Member Service, Archer Cooperative Credit Union
{The leadership and sales training really hit home and applied to our sales training, general culture and team building that we could implement throughout our organization.{
40-year CU Veteran, Archer Cooperative Credit Union
{I have been through and used a number of sales training programs over my years. This system is one of the best I have seen so far. It makes selling easy and it clearly communicates how to sell in a way that is good for the member and the credit union.{
Vicki Loveless
Vice President, Beacon Federal Credit Union-TX
{This training gave us the tools necessary to develop a sales and service culture within our credit union. Good team building for tools for staff in group settings and one on one coaching. Also, the workshop gave us the sales techniques that our staff need to be confident when assisting members with products.{

Who should attend?

  • Regional leaders
  • Department leaders
  • Branch team leads
  • Contact center team leads
  • Managers
  • Assistant managers
  • Trainers

Assuming the credit union sends three employees for a total investment of $2,400, the credit union only needs to increase sales in ONE of these categories:

  • 13 additional checking accounts

  • $180,000 more in deposits

  • $90,000 more in recaptured loans

  • 17 additional assurance products

  • 12 additional active credit cards

It’s expected each attendee will sell each of the above TWICE in the first year, returning 30x the investment.

Workshop Schedule

Only 25 seats available per event.

Mar 9-11, 2021

10am-3pm (CT)

Registration Closed

$999 $799*

*early bird pricing register by

Apr 6-8, 2021

10am-3pm (CT)

Registration Closed

$999 $799*

*early bird pricing register by

May 4-6, 2021

10am-3pm (CT)

Registration Closes

$999 $699*

*early bird pricing register by

Aug 17-19, 2021

1pm-5pm (CT)
Registration Closes

$999 $799*

*early bird pricing register by

Oct 5-7, 2021

10am-3pm (CT)
Registration Closes

$999 $799*

*early bird pricing register by

League and Association Workshop Schedule

You can only register if you are a member of the organization.

Cooperative Credit Union Association

Mar 30-Apr 1, 2021

Heartland Credit Union Association

Apr 27-29, 2021

Cornerstone Credit Union League

Sep 14-16, 2021

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