20 CU Sales Myths Debunked {Part 1}

As I travel the country to provide training to salespeople and their leaders, I encounter many myths about selling. While some are quite funny and easily cleared up, most of these myths are deeply ingrained in the cultures of the various credit unions and the minds of...

You Need All 3 to Transform Your Sales Results

*****As seen in CU Business Magazine in July 2019.***** It was 2002 and I was approaching the second anniversary for my very first credit union position.  I had recently been promoted to head teller, mainly because I had mastered the processes of tellering and...
3 Foundations of Powerful Sales Cultures

3 Foundations of Powerful Sales Cultures

I recently had the great pleasure of reconnecting with a good friend and credit union leader, Preston Meline. We got together for lunch to catch up on life and family, but mostly to talk about credit union sales. Which, as you know, is one of my favorite subjects....

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