SalesCU Pricing

What’s Included?


Access Courses: 100+ credit union specific sales training chapters for 25 employees in 14 separate courses.

Employee Progress manager: You have the ability to track all employee training progress through the SalesCU portal.  You can track which courses have been started, quizzes taken, and exams passed and so much more.

Quizzes and Exams: Quizzes and exams to track how well each employee is understanding the information.

Realistic Examples and Assignments: Assignments that are relevant to a good credit union sales culture and make the selling techniques clear, concrete and easy to implement. The assignments and worksheets are downloadable as a PDF and fillable online, so no printing is required.

Assign New Users: Through the employee progress manager account in the portal you will be able to remove and add new users as new employees start in positions at the credit union.

Leadership Strategy Call: The leadership strategy call is a 1 hour call to discuss the progress of your team, answer questions relating to the learning program, and discuss the best ways to implement the program.

Access Plus

Access Included: Everything that is included in Access, plus the following additional items.

More Leadership Strategy Calls: 4 Leadership Strategy Calls instead of just one. One each quarter to help you stay on course throughout the program and address things that pop up along the way.

Live Monthly Group Training Calls: 12 Group Support Trainings and Q&A Sessions for all of the employees taking the training. Fresh interactive content each month to add to the trainings given and an opportunity for the employees to access the trainers and ask specific questions as they practice and apply what they have learned.

Access Launch+

Access Included: Everything that is included in Access Plus and a two day on-site kickoff workshop.

2 Day On-Site Kickoff Workshop:The workshop is designed to introduce the learner to the SURPASS Sales Process and the content they will learn in the SalesCU Online Sales Training program. The full day workshop will provide your employees the  training they need to start implementing the sales strategies right away. The online courses will then solidify and broaden their knowledge and skills throughout the year. With the “Launch” your employees will start producing sales success faster and shorten their learning curve.