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Help your team apply SURPASS more effectively in their member interactions. 

Course Overview                                       $199     

Your credit union is a retail sales establishment and has a Sales Philosophy whether strategically created or not. In this course, you will learn that selling in the credit union way is not pushy or uncomfortable, but rather understanding and then serving the members’ true needs. This course should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete and is provided by SalesCU.

Chapter 1: The Credit Union Sales Culture

Chapter 2: Competing in a Commoditized Industry

Chapter 3: Sales the Credit Union Way

Chapter 4: SURPASS Sales Process

Course Overview                                           $399

No sales program is complete without an effective sales process. In this course, you will learn the seven-step SURPASS Sales Process. This process will act as a guide to provide an exceptional experience in every member interaction and empower you to sell in a way that is natural and purpose-driven. This course should take approximately 60 minutes to complete and is provided by SalesCU.

Chapter 1: Smile and Greet

Chapter 2: Understand Needs, Wants, and Dreams

Chapter 3: Review Options and Solutions

Chapter 4: Proceed to Help

Chapter 5: Assess Other Opportunites

Chapter 6: Secure Commitments and Schedule Follow-up

The SalesCU platform is easy to navigate, contains comprehensive and engaging course content and they’ve developed numerous learning programs and roadmaps to guide and support individual learner development. Our team was so impressed with the content and delivery, we elected to add additional live 1:1 coaching and support.” 

-Matthew Benidt, Vice President of Retail Banking

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