Join us for the Intensive Workshop

Day One: Sales Foundation
On day one we will learn the foundational principles of selling to credit union members and the credit union philosophy. We will build clarity on the essential elements of a successful and consistent sales approach. This includes the sales mindset, processes, and skills necessary for selling in a natural and member-centric way.
Learning objectives:
  • Identify member needs and how to have a conversation
  • Uncover needs and motivations by asking questions
  • Align products and service to meet member needs
  • Gain proper and effective commitments
Day Two: Advanced Sales Skills
On day two, attendees will learn what it takes to sell the full product line and craft primary financial relationships with their members. Attendees will also discover how to use foundational sales principles and how to apply them to advanced sales opportunities.
Learning objectives:
  • Manage sales objections
  • Effective member interviews
  • Cross-selling core products and services
  • Up-selling ancillary products and services 
  • Loan recapture
Day Three: Transformational Leadership 
The final day of the Credit Union Sales Intensive is designed with the sales leader or coach in mind. Leaders will learn how to identify employee coaching needs, develop an individual development plan to address them, and how to coach using one of three coaching models. Additionally, leaders will learn about the three coaching opportunities and how they should be used to continuously develop their teams. Those three coaching opportunities are:
1. Shadowing
2. Debriefing
3. One-on-one
The content will include products and services that credit unions offer, scenarios, and examples that employees can relate to and information to assist credit union employees with targeting sales opportunities.
Presented by:

Nick Brown

President and CEO of SalesCU

  Sharing his 20+ years of credit union sales and leadership experience using practical and proven techniques and strategies that actually work in a credit union setting.

Workshop Schedule

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Feb 1-3, 2022

11am-3pm (CT)

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Mar 8-10, 2022

11pm-3pm (CT)

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Apr 5-7, 2022

11am-3pm (CT)

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May 3-5, 2022

11am-3pm (CT)

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