The SalesCU

Online Credit Union Sales Training

What is the SalesCU?

The SalesCU (pronounced “the sales queue”) is a complete online sales training program. It has been designed specifically for credit unions to train their front-line staff and leadership on sales mindset and clear processes and skills to be effective in selling to their members while keeping a service mindset true to the credit union way.

The SalesCU provides position specific sales training for your new account and loan trained employees, tellers, contact center agents and universal employees. Each of the programs include videos, worksheets, quizzes and exams, as well as assignments to support what has been taught and help your team immediately apply what they’ve learned in their sales conversations.

The SalesCU offers additional support to the basic online training, including a live kickoff training that will help the employees more quickly learn and incorporate the concepts learned. There are also leadership support calls to help the leadership at the credit union be on the same page and get the most out of the training.

This online training is offered on a common online training platform, or for an additional cost, can be added to your own online training platform in SCORM format.

The SalesCU is ideal for employees with any level of experience and in any training or coaching setting.

Any Experience Level

New: Employees attending or recently finished operational training.

Trained: Employees who are fully on-boarded and gaining confidence in their position.

Experienced: Employees with confidence in their role and able to perform consistently. 

Career: Employees with years of experience but needing to move to the next level.

Any Training/Coaching Setting

Self-Paced: At their workstation during free time and scheduled employee development time.

Operational Training: Integrated into credit union, trainer led classes.

Sales Team Meetings: Utilized by sales leaders and coaches to develop staff. 

One-on-one Coaching: Support leaders and coaches in individual employee development.

Unlimited Access

Employees can take courses any time, 24/7, truely self-paced.

180+ Videos

Employees get the sales training they need to learn to sell in every situation.

Reusable Users

Get a set number of users, when employees leave, simply reassign the spot to a new user.

Full Reporting

Track individuals and team progress. Manage learning with the click of a button.

Sign up for a full preview

Thank you for your interest in a full, 2-week preview of our online sales training platform, hosted by Travitor. With the full preview you will have access to all of the content provided in the Lender Sales Training. This will include all of the:

  • Videos
  • Worksheets
  • Assignments
  • Scenarios
  • Examples

We have chosen to give you access to the Lender Sales Training because it includes all of the content contained in the Teller and Contact Center learning tracks, plus the additional courses you’ll want to see such as The Member Interview, Loan Recapture and Onboarding.

In addition to providing the preview, we would also like to answer your questions about the program and how it can be launched at your credit union to get your employees learning and selling right away. Shortly after we have provided you access, we will reach out to schedule that conversation.

To gain access to the preview, please complete the form.  Please allow us one business day to process your request and set up your preview account.

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