Free 60-minute webinar:

Ensuring your Credit Union Sales Initiative Can Execute the Strategic Plan

Presented by:

Nick Brown, 

President of SalesCU

Sharing his 20+ years of credit union sales experience with you.

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Strategic planning is likely one of the most important things your credit union can do to ensure it’s on a path of long-term success. Not only does your credit union’s Strategic Plan establish the mission and vision, but it also clearly defines the modes and methods of accomplishing each. However, the strategic plan for many credit unions is hindered by a non-existent sales-enabled team that is positioned to drive growth and profitability.

In this 60-minute webinar, SalesCU will provide a roadmap to assist your credit union in the development and implementation of an effective sales program that will elevate sales performance and empower the credit union to reach its strategic potential.

Credit union leaders who attend will come away with:

  • An outline of how a lack of sale engagement hinders the strategic direction of a credit union.
  • Reasons why credit unions struggle to achieve consistent sale success.
  • 5 strategic investment mistakes credit unions make when sidestepping their sales issues and why they just don’t deliver results.
  • 4 critical elements credit unions need in place to drive sales-enablement.
  • A plan to address them in 2022.