Did you know that one of the most powerful ways for your employees to recapture more loans is for your employees to literally show members the numbers on how it will save them money?

This is one of the secrets that I teach credit unions across the nation. When you are showing members the numbers on how it will help them be in a better place financially, it then feels more like a service you are providing to the member and less of a sales pitch. Isn’t that what we are all about at credit unions? Our goal really is to provide stellar service. If you aren’t selling to your members, you are not truly serving all of their financial needs.

There are some credit unions that have a financial recapture calculator provided for their employees to use in the sales process. However there are many who don’t. I feel so strongly about tools like this that I created a free resource specifically designed for your credit union to use. It streamlines the sales process, allowing your employees to close more loans. It is very simple to use. Simply enter the numbers, and the calculator does the work. Because it looks great, you can turn your computer screen around and show the members how much it will save them. The calculator also has the ability to calculate for many different things so that you can create the situation that will best serve your members’ financial needs, wants and dreams.  It is updated regularly and you have unlimited access to it. If you’d like access, click here. And be my guest, share this resource with your associates and employees at your credit union. Please, don’t forget to bookmark it!

My goal is to help you provide your employees with the best tools and training available so that they can be your members financial advocates of choice.

If you’d like to schedule a time to meet with me- to receive insight on increasing loan recapture at your credit union, apply here.

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