The credit union movement is underway and moving right along and that’s because sales is becoming an integral part of many credit union cultures and in their strategic plan.  Credit unions are learning that with a strong sales strategy they are in control of their destiny because they are serving more of their member’s needs, and connecting with their members at a much deeper level.  Which, for a credit union is the recipe for success.

But running a successful sales minded credit union culture also means running a goal centric workforce.  For some this can be difficult especially if the credit union is in the middle of a cultural change, or new sales strategy.  The key to a successful sales and goal centric workforce is a leadership team which can teach and coach their employees the principle of success as it relates to sales goals.

I recently had an adventure that really reinforced in my life, 3 powerful, goal achieving principles that can be employed in any credit union culture.  I am a Varsity Scout Coach in the Boy Scouts of America.  This summer our Varsity Team decided to backpack to Kings Peak, which is the highest point in the state of Utah.  It is a 33 mile round trip and in total you ascend and decent about 10,000 feet.  It’s not an easy hike.

On the morning of the summit we were all well rested, carb pumped, and energized for the amazing adventure and climb ahead of us.  But aside from a few website descriptions, our map, and the advice from friends who had gone before, we were completely blind to what lay ahead.  You see, none of us had actually made this trip and didn’t know what to expect.  Luckily there were a few things we did know, the distance, that there were 3 main climbs, and that there was a false summit.  But more important than all of those, we could see our destination from time to time, and it reminded us of what our goal was.

Despite not knowing what to expect everyone in our group made it to the summit, but there were many on that trail who didn’t.  It was interesting to listen as we hiked along and also watch those who were successful at reaching the summit and compare them with those who failed.  It taught me important lessons about setting and achieving goals I want to share.

The first thing I learned was that worthy goals in life are naturally evasive and difficult to achieve.  If our goals came naturally to us on life’s path would achieve them.  No, instead goals take us off the well-traveled paths of life and set us on courses where few have trodden.  But those paths are not meant to travel alone.

Everyone who summited that day did it with the help of the group.  Likewise, to reach their sales goals your credit union employees need a motivational leader and a group of peers who can support and encourage them along the way.

Next, those who made it to the top were the ones who began with the end in mind.  They knew why they were on the path and while it was hard they didn’t allow room to second guess their determination.  For them the journey wasn’t worth making without completing.

And so it is with your employees.  They need to know that a sales goal worth setting is worth completing.  Make sure your employees have goals they believe in and that they know they can achieve.  Having a leader who can reinforce this along the way helps them stay focused and determined even through the difficult times.

Lastly, those who succeed did so with positive reinforcement.  The words that we use determines our success and the success of those around us.  Words are the voice to our thoughts.  If you listen to the words your employees are saying you will know their thoughts and whether they will succeed or fail.  Summiteers are positive and while they experience the same obstacles and challenges as those who fail, the words that they use to describe their experience along the way actually dictated their result.

I would love to hear from you on this subject.  Please feel free to comment and share your goal achieving principles that make you so successful below.

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